Everything Electric

Brasco Electrical specialises in panel building, electrical installations, maintenance of electrical installations and infrared inspection scanning on all electrical distribution boards. Our electricians strive to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

With decades of specialised experience and upskilling, our team is perfectly suited to handle the electrical needs of your business. While we do specialise in facilitating electrical installations from wire ways in a new building, building panels (as we are accredited Schneider panel builders), revamping existing buildings, electrical surveys, lighting surveys, we also offer a wide range of generic electrical services for commercial and industrial applications.

Our electrical department backs up the canopy cleaning and maintenance department, including our refrigeration department (CoolCare Refrigeration) with a 24-hour standby facility for repairs of motors, electrical panels or any other electrical faults. The infra-red inspection scanning is to insure that there are no loose connections, faulty circuit breakers, hot wiring, unbalanced phases and any hot spots in the distribution board.

We Service The Following Clientele

To find out more about our extensive list of services, contact a representative from Brasco Group today, or feel free to browse our website for additional information on our offers and services. We are waiting for your call.