Extraction System Cleaning & Maintenance

Comprehensive Canopy Cleaning

Brasco Canopy Cleaning and Maintenance specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of the canopy extraction systems in commercial and industrial kitchens. We have an extensive array of approaches and services for these products, all of which are designed to improve customer experience while ensuring that they work effectively, cleanly and economically. Some of the products that we work with include the following:

  • Cyclo-Vent
  • Cyclo-Wash
  • React-a-Vents
  • Capture-Jets

Commercial and Industrial Deep Cleaning

We also specialise in Deep Cleaning of commercial or industrial kitchens, which include all aspects of the room which need to be kept in hygienic conditions.

Our cleaning services can be applied to the following:

  • Kitchen walls and floors
  • Kitchen ceilings
  • Cooking equipment
  • Preparation equipment
  • Fridges, cool-rooms and freezers

These systems were designed for two main functions:

  • the reduction of heat in the kitchen
  • the extraction of smoke caused by cooking.

Smoke produced from cooking is made up of oil particles, and these particles turn into oil when they cool. Kitchen filters are designed to catch a large portion of the oil and so need to be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure their continued efficacy. A fair amount of oil still passes through the filters creating oil deposits that accumulate in ducting, motor and the blades; which could lead to the development of major fire and health hazards. It is thus very important to have your whole system cleaned at regular intervals depending on how much cooking is done in your kitchen. Most systems are serviced every 3 to 6 months depending on their volume.

To find out more about our extensive list of services, contact a representative from Brasco Group today, or feel free to browse our website for additional information on our offers and services. We are waiting for your call.