Kitchen Deep Cleaning

In a bid to assist our clients with maintaining hygiene, safety and efficient operations in their facilities, Brasco Group specialises in deep kitchen cleaning, geared towards keeping surfaces, equipment and filtration and extraction systems running more smoothly for longer.

These services are necessary to keep extraction equipment in good condition, so that they can service your business and its needs consistently, and for longer periods.

Commercial and Industrial Kitchens

Brasco Canopy Cleaning and Maintenance specialises in cleaning and maintenance for canopy extraction systems in commercial and industrial kitchens. We have an extensive array of services and approaches for these products, all of which are designed to improve customer experience while ensuring that they can work effectively, cleanly and economically.

Our deep cleaning services include the following:
– Kitchen floors and walls
– Kitchen Ceilings
– Cooking Equipment
– Preparation Equipment
– Fridges, cool-rooms and freezers

To find out more about our extensive list of services, contact a representative from Brasco Group today, or feel free to browse our website for additional information on our offers and services. We are waiting for your call.